VDMA Engines and Systems

VDMA Engines and Systems brings together suppliers and manufacturers of internal combustion engines for industrial applications. Typical applications for these engines include mobile machinery for construction and agriculture as well as for power and heat generation, and for locomotives and ships. The trade association sees itself as an information and communication platform as well as a political and technical lobby for its members. It bundles, analyzes, processes, and addresses topics relevant to the industry, provides comprehensive data and facts on market events, communicates in the interest of its members, and establishes networks in Germany, Europe, and the world. A focus is on environmental and emissions legislation, standardization, and ship classification.

We are the association of manufacturers of internal combustion engines for industrial applications and their suppliers.

On these pages, we want to show you what internal combustion engines can already do and how they contribute to climate protection, now and in the future.

Since the development of the first functional internal combustion engines well over 150 years ago, they have changed our lives like almost no other technical development before. Although the basic principle has remained virtually unchanged, their long-term supremacy is due particularly to the enormous technical improvements. For example, enormous progress has been made in terms of efficiency. At the same time, the emissions of both gaseous substances and particles have been significantly reduced as a result of intra-engine measures and the use of exhaust gas cleaning systems. Through greater and more effective charging or new injection technologies and better control of the combustion process, even more improvements are possible in the future. Combustion engines can even be operated CO2-neutral with synthetic fuels based on regeneratively generated energy.